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I paid a damage deposit when I rented a room in my landlord’s house.  When I moved out he refused to pay the damage deposit.  Who can I call to make a complaint?

While the Office of the Rentalsman can resolve disputes between a landlord and a tenant where the rental unit is a house or apartment, they currently have no authority to deal with rental agreements for roomers or boarders.  

The difference is that landlords who rent houses or apartments are required to submit the money paid as a damage deposit to the Rentalsman.  In this situation the landlord has to justify their claim to the damage deposit and if there is a dispute the Rentalsman will hear both sides before making a decision on how to release the funds.

I am buying/selling a house through a private sale.  Where can I find the official form for an Offer to Purchase?

Many realtors and law firms have templates which allow them to fill in the blanks to create an offer to purchase; however, there is not a standard form or official document.  It is a contract between the purchaser and the seller. 

While it is possible to create your own document or to purchase forms at bookstores or online; it may be wise to consider using a professional realtor or lawyer.   Real estate transactions can be complicated and may result in disputes.   Using the services of a professional can ensure you have asked all the right questions and ensure the offer to purchase protects your interests and accurately reflects your agreement.


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